6345OV Wireless Leaf and Soil Moisture/Temperature Station

A multi-sensor station to which can be attached a variety of sensor probes for measurements of soil moisture, leaf wetness and temperature.
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The 6345 Wireless Leaf and Soil Moisture/Temperature station is of interest to potential agricultural and horticultural users. It is a solar-powered station which includes a wireless transmitter and battery inside a weather-resistant shelter.

There are three types of sensor (sold separately) which can be fitted to these stations ; soil moisture, leaf wetness and temperature. They can be used in various combinations. The temperature sensor is of a similar air/soil/water type as the 6372 Wireless Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Station and can therefore be used to measure the temperature of any medium.

To view the data, a 6312UK Wireless Console Receiver or 6316 Weather Envoy plus 6510 Weatherlink can be added. Data can be received from either:

  • A single fully-populated station with 2 Leaf Wetness Sensors (6420), 4 Soil Moisture Sensors (6440), and 4 Temperature Probes (6470), OR
  • Two partially-populated stations, one with 2 leaf wetness sensors and 2 temperature probes, and the other with 4 soil moisture sensors and 4 temperatures probes.

A complete Soil Moisture/Temperature station (6345CS) is also available, containing 4 soil mositure sensors and 4 temperature probes as standard. One or two leaf wetness sensors can be added as desired. Enquire for details.

Further details about the 6345 Wireless Leaf and Soil Moisture/Temperature Station and its use are provided on the 'VP Supplementary Sensors, Stations and Accessories' page at our Main Site.

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