6510 Unboxed USB Logger

Weatherlink datalogger and software for Windows - allows you to link your Davis weather station to a computer, view & analyse your weather data, and upload it automatically to a website.


Brand new unboxed 6510 USB Logger (with software download)

The Weatherlink pack contains all you need to link a Davis weather station to a Windows PC, and to be able to store, view and analyse all your weather data.  You can also upload your latest data automatically to a website. USB or serial interface versions are available.

While the Vantage Pro 2 and Vantage Vue consoles already have an impressive set of features for displaying current weather readings, Weatherlink offers a further extension of capabilities by:

  • Storing fully detailed weather records, permanently and automatically;
  • Presenting the weather data in vivid, detailed graphics;
  • Providing daily, monthly and yearly summaries of conditions;
  • Enabling you to build your own automatically-updating weather reporting website;
  • Allowing you to work with exported weather data using other PC programs;

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