6555 WeatherlinkIP Data Logger and Software for Windows

No longer available - WeatherlinkIP datalogger and software for Windows allows you to post your weather data directly to the Internet without a PC.
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Product Discontinued - no longer available

The 6555 WeatherlinkIP logger is similar in function to the standard 6510 Weatherlink loggers but has a TCP/IP interface instead of the serial (RS232) or USB interface, and so typically connects to a network rather than being directly cabled to a PC.

It can upload both current conditions and logged/archive data to a PC or remote server in any of three configurations:

  • To a local Windows PC – ie as other Weatherlink loggers but with communication across a Local Area Network (LAN);
  • To a remote Windows PC, for example over a long-distance Internet link;
  • To a dedicated server at Davis, which runs the website www.weatherlink.com, providing the simplest possible way of viewing your weather data online;

Full details about the 6555 WeatherlinkIP data logger are provided on the 'Advanced Weatherlink Data Loggers' page at our Main Site.

The loggers is available only with an RS232 serial interface, ie not in USB form (although they can typically be used with a compatible external serial-to-USB adapter to connect into a PC that may not have a free serial port).

The WeatherlinkIP logger should be compatible with the vast majority of networks, but formally requires the following two conditions in order to be able to upload its data to the weatherlink.com website:

  • Able to see a DHCP server in order to acquire an initial IP address;
  • Access out on to the Internet via an open port 80 (outbound & inbound);

System Requirements: Computer running Windows™ 98 SE, Windows 2000, XP or Vista with Microsoft.NET 2.0 framework.

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