6612 Heavy Duty Solar Power Kit Shelter

Heavy duty solar power kit and weather-resistant enclosure for use at unattended remote sites where there is no mains power
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The 6612 is based on the 6618 universal shelter with the addition of a heavy duty solar power kit which allows you to locate your weather station outside at a field or remote location.  It is designed for use at unattended remote sites where there is no mains power and it's impracticable or undesirable to visit the site often to replace batteries.

The 6612 is suitable for an  Envoy or Envoy8X console which can be placed inside the shelters and powered long-term from the solar power supply.  It includes a 5W solar panel on the front of the door, plus a 6v 12Ah lead-acid battery and regulator.  Vue and standard VP2 consoles can be used with the 6612 Heavy Duty Solar PSU but will require to be mounted in a separate 6618 universal shelter.

The shelter is designed with a hinged front door with a rubber seal and with two small grommeted cable access ports in the bottom of the compartment. U-bolt fixings are provided top and bottom to allow the  shelter to be secured to a vertical pole (or, alternatively, fixed back to a flat surface).

A 6616 extra solar power kit and be added to a 6612 unit to provide extra charging capacity in locations where winter sunlight may be limited, by giving a total panel power of 10W. A suitable connecting cable is supplied.

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