7345.952 Wireless VP2 ISS Transmitter Board

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This is a replacement wireless transmitter circuit board (often called the SIM board - Sensor Interface Module) for the UK and EU versions of the wireless VP2 ISS. This part is directly compatible with wireless VP2 stations made from Jan 2016 on (revision AS or later) and may also be used with older VP2 stations. It is not compatible with the older VP1 stations.

This board should preferably be paired with temp/hum sensor 7346.070. It is not recommended for use with the older 7346.166 or 7346.174 temp/hum sensors unless the correct temperature offset (0.5C) is carefully entered into the console.

If upgrading an older (pre-2016) VP2 then we suggest replacing both transmitter board (7345.952) and temp/hum sensor (7346.070) as a pair to ensure correct T/H readings to the latest enhanced sensor specification. 

Unfortunately, supply of the specific transmitter board (part 7345.978) for  VP2 stations made before 2016 on (AR revision and earlier) is now exhausted. So all wireless VP2 stations must use the replacement board on this page and apply the small temperature offset if necessary,

This 7345.952 part is supplied complete with wireless antenna and fitted to the white backplate. This is the only format in which the transmitter board is readily available.

Detailed installation instructions are shown in a video on the Davis website at:

Replacing your weather transmitter board

This same transmitter board is also used in the 6322OV Anemometer Transmitter and in the 6372OV and 6382OV Supplementary Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Stations and therefore may also be used as a replacement board for these transmitters, but for 6382OV transmitter be sure to check the manufacturing code to ascertain revision level.

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