7654 Long-range Wireless Repeater for Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue with Solar Power

Solar-powered long-range wireless repeater to extend the range of your wireless station, or to improve reception in troublesome areas.
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Wireless repeaters extend the range possible between primary transmitter (eg the ISS unit) and the main VP2 console.  Standard and long-range repeaters are available in both AC and solar-powered versions.

The 6354 solar-powered long-range repeaters have two separate internal connectors, one for receive and one for retransmit, intended for linking to external antennas (which must be specified and purchased separately). Because these add-on antennas can have much higher gain than the standard whip antenna contained in the standard repeaters they offer the possibility of much longer range in a single hop. With two high-gain antennas fitted, a range of up to 1km or potentially even more can be achieved, provided line-of-sight for each leg of the signal path is maintained.

There are two types of long-range repeater:  7654 is a solar-powered version and will operate in a completely isolated location.  7653 is the AC-powered version, and therefore is only suitable for use when a mains supply is close at hand. 

For use with Wireless Vantage Pro2, Vantage Vue, or special-purpose stations.

Further details about using wireless repeaters are provided on the 'VP Supplementary Sensors, Stations and Accessories' page at our Main Site.

NB. Long-range repeaters require separate antennas - enquire by telephone or e-mail for details and prices.

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