7747 Daytime Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield

Fan-assisted radiation shield to provide more accurate readings of temperature and humidity on calm/sunny days - for use with Vantage Pro2
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The 7745 Daytime Fan-Aspirated Shield kit can be installed on any Vantage Pro2 standard ISS model to provide even more accurate temperature and humidly readings. It contains a solar-powered fan that draws outside air over the temperature and humidity sensors to reduce the effects of daytime radiation on temperature and humidity readings. The standard versons of Vantage Pro2 stations are fitted with a passive radiation shield.

The solar-powered fan runs during the day. Since there is no backup battery, the fan will cease running when night falls and the effects of the radiation are minimal.

This 7747 unit is a user-fitted kit that may be specified with a new station or bought at any time subsequently.

Further details about fan-assisted radiation shields are provided on the 'VP Supplementary Sensors, Stations and Accessories' page at our Main Site.

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