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Prodata Weather Systems is an independent supplier of weather stations, trading since 1996 and specialising in brands such as Davis that combine good, reliable performance with relatively affordable pricing. We ship only legally-imported equipment with the full official warranty; we do not deal in not grey imports of non-UK specification equipment at prices that are too good to be true, but which have no official support.  All our electrical goods are compatible with EU/UK 220-240 voltage requirements.

We're proud of not just shifting boxes, but of offering:

Expertise:  As an established specialist supplier of Davis stations, we know their capabilities in detail and understand how best to link them to PCs and to the Internet. Unlike some suppliers, we use the stations on a daily basis both to run our own weather website and to develop custom software, which provides us with unrivalled expertise in setting up even complex station configurations.

Helpful pre-sales advice:  Deciding the best weather and PC equipment for your needs sometimes requires detailed discussion. We are happy to give unlimited expert advice by phone or email.

Competitive pricing:  We aim to supply our products at the best possible prices for genuine UK stock and will do our best to beat any other confirmed, in-stock price. We also offer regular special deals on particular Davis items;

Service standards:  A full one year return to base warranty is provided on all Davis equipment. We aim to answer both pre-sales and support enquiries fully and promptly, and genuinely want you to enjoy using your Davis station. You can be therefore be assured of a friendly and responsive support service, should it ever be needed.

Custom projects advice:  Please contact us for advice on custom projects such as linking weather data automatically to other software, to the Internet etc. We can often suggest highly cost-effective solutions for automation projects.

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