Davis Vantage Components

Options and Accessories

A wide range of Davis Vantage options and accessories is available to allow you to build your own customised weather station to suit your needs - these include wireless acessories, sensors, power , installation and mounting options. When specifying a custom build, we recommend that you contact us by e-mail or telephone before ordering to make sure that your system is built from compatible components and is appropriate for your needs.

VP2 ISS units
A range of Integrated Sensor Suites (ISS units) are available to assist in creating a custom Vantage Pro 2 installation or for replacing old or damaged units.
VP2 Console units
Additional display and receiver consoles are available for your Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro 2 stations to assist you in customising your installation.
Sensor Transmitters
Supplementary stations which can be added to your Vantage Pro 2 system to measure additional parameters such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture and leaf wetness
Additional sensors for your wireless Vantage Pro 2 and supplementary stations
Davis Vantage Connect
Vantage Connect allows automatic uploads of weather data from remote field sites to weatherlink.com via the 3G/GPRS mobile/cellular phone network
Wireless Repeaters
Wireless repeaters to extend the range of your wireless station, or to improve reception in troublesome areas
Mounting Accessories
A range of additional installation mounting accessories to assist with the set up of your Vantage Pro2 or Vue weather station
A range of standard 4-conductor 2.4m (8') extension cables suitable for anemometer, cabled console or Weatherlink data logger
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