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Davis Vantage Connect

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Vantage Connect

Vantage Vue Station - All supplied partsThe 6620 Vantage Connect unit is a brand-new addition to the Davis Vantage family. Connect allows automatic uploads of weather data from remote field sites to the Davis website at using a data link via the standard 3G/GPRS mobile/cellular phone network. Your live weather data may be viewed on PC or smartphone via a webpage or a fully detailed log downloaded to a Windows PC.

Connect itself is the white shelter fronted by a solar panel & midway up the pole in the image (right).

The Vantage Connect unit is an extension to the main Davis Vantage family of Vantage Pro 2 and Vue weather stations and works with existing Vantage sensor transmitters, but replaces the console, logger and data link parts of a conventional Davis system.  The Connect unit thus combines four components of a remote weather VP2 monitoring system into a single assembly:

  • Console/receiver, replacing the standard VP2 or Vue consoles or Envoy unit;
  • Data logger;
  • Cellular modem;
  • Self-contained, solar-powered power supply (with rechargeable battery for overnight and low-light operation);

So, for a complete remote weather monitoring system, all that's needed - in addition to the Connect unit itself - is a standard VP2 wireless sensor assembly (ISS) such as the 6322OV or 6327OV Plus ISS units (or even a basic 6357 Vue ISS unit), together with any extra wireless sensors that the application may call for. The Connect unit removes the need for any type of conventional VP2 console or weatherproof shelter to be present and is fully compatible with all Vantage family wireless transmitters and repeaters.

Please contact us directly for details of Connect pricing. We offer Connect from stock at competitive prices, but Connect is usually purchased as part of a bespoke bundle of components for which it's simpler to provide a custom quotation. New and renewal data plans for Connect can be purchased from the product link below.

Full details of the Vantage Connect are provided at our Vantage Connect Page on our Main Site