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In a nutshell, the Vue is aimed at providing all the well-known Davis qualities of reliability and accuracy in a lower cost, compact and easy-to-use wireless-only package.

Available only as a wireless version, the key features of the Vantage Vue systems are:Vantage Vue Station - All supplied parts

  • Measures all six standard weather parameters: Wind speed & direction; air temperature; humidity; pressure; rainfall;

  • Additionally displays: inside temperature/humidity; derived readings such as dew point and wind chill; near-term forecasts in icon form; calendar data such as date/time, sunrise/sunset, moon phase.
  • Integrated sensor construction allows use at exposed sites
  • Allows fitting of any of the standard 65xx series of Vantage Pro data loggers and operation with the Weatherlink software for full data logging capabilities

Full details of the Vantage Vue are provided at our Vantage Vue Weather Station Page on our Main Site

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Vue Stations
Wireless Vantage Vue complete weather stations with Data Logging Options
Vue Station Components
Additional consoles and integrated sensor suites compatible with Vue weather stations
Mounting Accessories
A range of mounting accessories to assist with the set up of your Vantage Vue weather station
Wireless Repeaters
Wireless repeaters to extend the range of your wireless station, or to improve reception in troublesome areas
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Vantage Vue Spares & Accessories
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