Davis Vantage Vue 6250UK

Davis Vantage Vue 6250UK

Vantage Vue weather station - available as wireless version only
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WeatherLink Data Logger & Software


Now comes with a 3-year warranty, or upgrade to 5 years with our extended warranties by clicking here

The Vantage Vue is the most affordable Davis weather station, providing all the well-known Davis qualities of reliability and accuracy in a lower cost, compact and easy-to-use wireless-only package. Features include:

  • indoor LCD console
  • compact outdoor integrated sensor suite
  • wireless transmission from sensor suite to console

The outside sensors in the Vantage Vue Integrated Sensor Suite (ie wind speed/direction, temperature/humidity and rainfall) are located together in a single, compact, non-separable assembly, specifically designed for ease and simplicity of mounting and for minimising visual impact. This sealed, integrated construction with no external connections also allows the Vue ISS to offer maximum weather-proofing and corrosion resistance thereby making the Vue stations especially suitable for use at highly exposed sites. Temperature and humidity sensors are enclosed in a passive radiation shield.

Among the parameters you can measure are wind speed & direction, air temperature & humidity, pressure, rainfall, and numerous derived readings such as wind chill, dew point etc.

Please remember that to connect the Vue console to a computer you must also possess a suitable data gateway/interface such as a post-2012 Weatherlink data logger (or similar third-party logger such as our WiFi Logger or a Meteobridge unit) or a Weatherlink Live unit. Contact us for further advice if required.

Weatherlink data logger and software can be purchased separately to let you link a Davis weather station to a computer (Windows PC or Mac) and to be able to store, view and analyse all your weather data and to upload your latest data automatically to a website. See our Special Offer pages for details of Weather Station/Weatherlink bundles.

The wireless technology used in the Vue is identical to that in the Vantage Pro 2 stations. Consequently, all of the wireless repeater options available for the VP2 to extend the range and penetration of the wireless signal are also fully compatible with the Vue.

Full details of the Vantage Vue weather stations, including a comparison of features between the Vue and and the Vantage Pro2 weather stations, are provided on the 'Davis Vantage Vue Weather Station' page at our Main Site.

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