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Davis VP2 Stations

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Vantage Pro 2 Stations

The standard Vantage Pro 2 station provides the ability to measure wind speed & direction; air temperature & humidity; pressure; rainfall; plus numerous derived readings, such as wind chill, dew point etc.

The key features of the VP2 systems are:

  • Console with large impressive display;
  • Option of wireless or cabled (30m supplied) link from sensors to console;
  • Integrated sensor suite
  • Integral radiation shield
Additionally, there is a range of optional accessories that allow a weather monitoring installation to be customised for many specialised applications, for example:
  • Weatherlink data logger and software to link your weather station to a PC or upload weather data to the internet;
  • Additional sensors including solar, uv, soil moisture, leaf wetness;
  • Supplementary stations to measure additional parameters including soil moisture and leaf wetness;
  • Additional data display units;
  • Installation accessories.

Full details of these accessories are provided at our VP2 Accessories Page on our Main Site - please contact us for advice on how best to include them in a system configuration.