Davis Wireless VP2 Integrated Sensor Suite 6322OV

Wireless Vantage Pro 2 Integrated Sensor Suite - equivalent to Wireless 6152UK Vantage Pro 2 station without a console
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6100 WeatherLink Live


The 6322OV wireless Integrated Sensor Suite is equivalent to the 6512UK wireless Vantage Pro 2 weather station but without a console

The Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) collects outside weather data and sends the data to a Vantage Pro2 console or Weather Envoy. Wireless and cabled versions of the ISS are available, as well as Standard and Plus versions. The Wireless ISS is solar powered and sends data to the console via a low-power radio.

The standard version of the ISS contains:

  • Rain collector
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Anemometer

The mounting pole is not included.

If required, additional solar and UV sensors can be added to the ISS unit at a later stage. They are included as standard on the 6327 wireless Integrated Sensor Suite Plus.

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