Davis Wireless Weather Envoy 6316UK

Wireless Weather Envoy console (without display) for collection and logging of data from outdoor sensors (when used with Weatherlink data logger)
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The Weather Envoy includes the data collection and logging functions of the Vantage Pro2 or Vue console, but in a smaller package without a display. It is intended for specialised installations where a PC will always be used to view the weather data, and hence where a console display would not necessarily be needed. It must be used in combination with a Weatherlink installation to collect and log data from the outdoor sensors.

The wireless Vantage Pro2 weather station includes as standard:

  • Barometer, inside temperature and humidity sensors
  • AC-power adapter. May also be run by optional solar power kit, and the wireless version by AAA batteries.

The wireless Weather Envoy can be used instead of, or in addition to, a Vantage VP2 or Vue console with all of the following stations:

  • One wireless ISS or ISS plus
  • One Anemometer transmitted kit
  • One wireless leaf & soil mosture/temperature station
  • Three temperature stations or one temperature station and two temperature/humidity stations

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