6382OV Wireless Temperature/Humidity Station With Solar Door

A temperature station with sensor that can be used to measure air, soil or water temperatures.
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The 6382 Temperature/Humidity Station is similar to an ISS unit in monitoring both temperature and humidity, and is supplied complete with radiation shield. To view the data, a wireless Vantage Pro2 console/receiver or Weather Envoy and Weatherlink must be added.

A maximum total of eight 6382 stations can report back to a single VP2 console (although only two 6382 units can be logged by Weatherlink in addition to the ISS). Each 6382 station accepts only a single temperature/humidity sensor and therefore one station is required for each additional temperature reading to be measured.

Temperature readings from a 6382 unit are transmitted to 0.1°F (or 0.1°C) resolution but can only be received and logged by standard VP2 consoles at 1°F (approx 0.5°C) resolution. Readings received on an Envoy8X unit will retain full 0.1°F (0.1°C) resolution.

Further details about the 6382 Wireless Temperature/Humidity Station and its use are provided on the 'VP Supplementary Sensors, Stations and Accessories' page at our Main Site.

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