EnviroMonitor (EM), as its name suggests, is a new and highly flexible system able to remotely monitor many physical aspects of the environment, both outdoors and in other settings such as greenhouses. Data readings include weather (of course!), soil conditions and several other environmental parameters such as water level, flow rate, water pressure etc. Additional sensors are planned for the future.

Data are uploaded to the weatherlink.com cloud platform and all readings can be viewed and analysed via an innovative, modern, browser-based interface that’s equally at home on PC or smartphone app.

Agriculture is the most obvious sector to benefit from EnviroMonitor, but any application that requires state-of-the-art environmental monitoring is also likely to find EM valuable.

To be clear, EM is complementary to the existing Davis Vantage range of weather stations, and does not replace or supersede them. EM is intended for more extensive and more sophisticated applications than the Vantage stations can easily provide for; in particular, while EM uses various weather sensors from the VP2 range, it can also accommodate a much wider range of third-party sensor types and many more sensors can be fitted to a given installation.

Further information on EM is available on our dedicated EnviroMonitor website.

Please note: Enviromonitor is a powerful and highly flexible monitoring system which benefits from detailed professional specification for all of its components. As such it is not recommended to order an EM system through an online shop - there's a significant risk of not specifying the optimum configuration.

Prodata sells and stocks the full range of Enviromonitor gateways, nodes and sensors at competitive prices - please contact us by
email or phone to discuss a detailed quotation.

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