SB-04 MeteoBridge Pro

SB-04 MeteoBridge Pro

MeteoBridge Pro is the latest enhanced version of the original MeteoBridge product
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MeteoBridge Pro (MB Pro) is a brand new product that is essentially a super-MeteoBridge device – it does everything that the original MB can do but also offers many additional features. The key enhancements are:

The MB Pro software platform is hosted on its own miniature hardware and so looks quite different to the original MB;

The dedicated and customised hardware allows a much neater and higher-performance installation, with built-in (but demountable) higher-gain antennas for wireless functions, a small built-in text display, no need of separate USB hubs etc;

MB Pro has considerably more memory and much more flexibility than the original MB, while still consuming minimal power, and this key difference enables many more software features to be added;

MB Pro is available in two models: Black (standard) and Red (shown above) with built-in MeteoStick circuitry allowing direct reception of data from Davis wireless transmitters.

Please be sure to select RED or BLACK as your preferred version when ordering. Remember: only RED can receive direct from a Davis wireless transmitter. Black requires a logger input.

Overall, the main functional advantage of MB Pro is its much greater computing capability, which gives it the potential to perform many tasks beyond the reach of the original MB. 

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